Falconry exhibition at the European Parliament in Bruxelle

Opening reception of the exhibition Falconry: 4000 years of a hunting art on Tuesday, 6th of November, 2012 in the European Parliament

Opening reception of the exhibition Falconry: 4000 years of a hunting art on Tuesday, 6th of November, 2012 in the European Parliament
The IAF (International Association of Falconry) and FACE (union of the associations for the hunting and wild animal preservation in the EU) organized this international exhibition together with the president MdEP Véronique Mathieu of the intergroup of the European Parliament “lasting hunt, biodiversity, rural activities and wood”.

The exhibition was held during four days by EU representatives to learn about falconry. Gary Timbrell (Ireland), Tony James (England), Veronique Blontrock (Belgium) and Patrizia Cimberio (Italy) coordinated this event, along with volunteers, to put on a wonderful display.  More than 25 rollups, books and other exhibits illustrated a variety of falconry, hunting, culture and protection, as well as the sustainability.

The event began in the afternoon about 16 o'clock in front of the main entrance of the EU parliament with Czech bugle blowers and Belgian falconers.  They presented their falcons and hawks for the politicians and guests and answered questions about falconry.

On the first floor hood maker Jac van Gerven (Netherlands) demonstrated the art of hood making for falcons.  A short film "Falconry our Intangible Living Heritage" showed an overview of the falconry as an UNESCO-approved inheritance of the humanity.

Véronique Mathieu outlined the importance of the hunting and falconry in the modern age with her opening speech. Angus Middelton, general secretary FACE credited Frank Bond for his achievements of the last 6 years in the IAF. Frank Bond, as an official representative of falconry, referred to the achievements of the falconers who have carried out wonderful bird of prey protection projects.  For example; the release program of peregrine falcons.  Further support of the tree breeder project in Poland in cooperation of the Deutschen Falkenorden will be carried out.  In addition, the strains of Austria and Hungary were emphasized for the recognition of the falconry as an immaterial cultural heritage.

MdEP Bogdan Marcinkiewicz did a wonderful job in providing a sausage refreshment bar made exclusively of wild meat that was sponsored by the Polish association of hunting clubs.

Falconer's associations from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic and the United States were represented.

The exhibition was a big success and can be visited by EU parliamentarians until the 09th of November, 2012.

Elisabeth Leix

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