Release report 2013

Report of the German-Polish release project in 2013

After a rainy cold spring the breeding expectations developed into a highly successful year. Seven breeders from the DFO provided 37 peregrine falcons for the release project in Poland. Thanks to Slawek Sielicki, director of the Polish peregrine conservation organization, with not just funding from the EU, but also from two other Polish nature protection institutions this year, gave the breeders a higher allowance than last year.

As appears from the table below, a total number of 142 peregrines were released from 5 countries at 5 different places.



Among the previous four reintroduction places (Barlinek and Milicz in west Poland, Olsztyn and Wloclawek in central Poland), another release box was placed in the nature reserve Bialawiesza only two kilometers from the Belarusian border. This new eastern reintroduction place brings us a little further to the east. The talks and negotiations with Belarus are ongoing and we hope to be able to reach an official cooperative agreement soon.

We organized five transports, which were undertaken with a lot of dedication and passion by the volunteers. They covered nearly 11,000 kilometers in distance to bring 40 Peregrines from Germany to the different reintroduction places. We take this opportunity to thank the breeders, drivers and helpers that made it even possible to handle such a project.

As far as I know, four young falcons were killed by owls and one by a goshawk. The first tree nesting peregrine pair from last year in a sea eagles’ nest, was again confirmed and four young falcons fledged again this year.

A detailed report can be read in our Jahrbuch 2013


Elisabeth Leix